BODY RESET - small movements with a large effect

Body Reset is a movement method that aims to restore the natural balance in the body. By unilaterally movements or stress our physical body gets out of balance. By small directed movements the tone of your muscles is softened and the flow of blood and life energy is restored. Body Reset provides a deep relaxation. By practicing Body Reset you restore natural bodily awareness.

Why do we need Body Reset?

Our lives are busy and turbulent and a lot of tension gets stored in our physical body. Also your own inner attitude (hurry, anxiety, a competitive spirit) can cause a lot of stress on your muscles. At some point, some muscles can’t relax anymore and technically they shorten. This becomes your ‘normal posture’ and other muscles start to compensate your movements. Eventually your back, neck or pelvis becomes completely blocked. Then you go to the physiotherapist or you look for other ways to release tension. But.... you can ‘reset’ your body yourself. With Body Reset your muscles slowly relax and you allow the normal balanced posture of your physical body to emerge.

The practise

A Body Reset session takes about 75 minutes. Many exercises are performed lying on the ground. All movements are small and slow. Many movements are done after you visualized them in your mind. This also resets the stimulus in your brain (to keep your muscles tight). During the exercises, yawning is stimulated and this releases stress from your body in a subtle manner. Sometimes there are small objects, like a small ball or a round wooden stick, which is placed between your body and the floor. These devices locally stretch the muscles and they also help to really focus in your physical body. Each session ends with a rest period in which you fully surrender to the relaxation.

Breath awareness is very important in the Body Reset. The abdominal respiration (the belly breathing) is stimulated. Hereby the diaphragm gets more power and this increases the stabilization of the spine. In many exercises the breath is disconnected from the movement. The breath becomes autonomous and the movement gets separated from the emotion that caused the tension. Many exercises aim to stimulate the flow of energy through the spinal column.

In many cases we are dealing with motions and behaviour patterns that we performed for many years. Therefore our body is not complete ‘reset’ after one session. By regularly doing Body Reset your body gets used to this ‘stretching of tension’ and you develop your own intuitive body sense. You regain bodily awareness and you become more aware when your body gets out of balance. Then Body Reset works preventively.

  • Anyone can do Body Reset, regardless age or physical condition. It is not a ‘heavy’ method.
  • Body Reset can be a great help in a recovery period, e.g. after surgery or a serious illness.

7 reasons to do Body Reset:

  • Restoring the balance in your body posture - Flexibility
  • Restoring the flow of life energy through the spine - Vitality
  • Taking good care of your body - Health
  • Your body relaxes and your head becomes quiet - Grounding
  • Gaining Bodily Awareness - Prevention
  • Resetting subconscious impulses that cause stress - Psychological Insight
  • Exploring the possibilities and the limits of your body - Integrated Life


History and medical background

It all starts with Isabel Camps Palau, who has a great interest in the functioning of the human body. Mid 90’s she studied physiotherapy in Barcelona and she learned the movement methods of Françoise Mézières and Thérèse Bertherat. Mézières brought the insight that the body works with muscle chains and that they need to be treated as a whole. She successfully treated many people with severe physical disabilities by locally softening and stretching the muscles. Her method is now known as Postural Reconstruction. Bertherat built on the insights of Mézières and called her method Anti-Gymnastique. She stimulated her clients to self-consciously become the owner of their body. Later on, Antoni Muni Ramos developed ‘Mycro Gym’. He taught his clients to work with love for their bodies. Isabel practised all these methods and in 2000 she moved to the Netherlands. There she studied the movement method of Joseph Pilates and recently the Feldenkrais Method.

In 2012, Isabel introduced these ‘small movements with a large effect’ to Herman van Tuijl. He is a Breath Consciousness trainer who works with bodily awareness as a starting point for relaxation and spiritual development. They started to collaborate and at a certain moment all the new insights into regaining a functional and balanced body were brought together under the name BODY RESET. Some exercises were adapted and some were improved. Herman works from the esoteric knowledge of the subconscious mind and he links physical tension to emotional patterns. He added the exercises in which voice and sound are used to restore the flow in your physical body (and on the subconscious level).

Today, both Isabel and Herman give Body Reset sessions in Haarlem. Up from 2019 Isabel calls her sessions: Postural Reconstruction

English spoken private sessions and workshops can be arranged. Please contact:

Isabel Camps Palau     isabel.camps AT chello DOT nl
phone 00316-24936022 
Herman van Tuyl    info AT bodyreset DOT org
phone 003123-5259994